Exploration, evaluation and mining

Geofield is a private mining consulting company, operating all over the world in the field of georesources exploration, evaluation and mining.

We operate all over the world

Our mission is providing high quality advice and innovating services during all the stages of the mine, for our clients, in every part of the world


Our team of skilled exploration geologists is specialized in finding new deposits and generate effective exploration guidelines for companies. Different exploration techniques, from practical data crunching, to interpretation of geophysical, structural and geochemical datasets, are applied and integrated into exploration targets.

Investing in Italy

The firm provides technical support, in the context of feasibility studies at all levels, to potential investors interested in launching projects in Italy to exploit mineral resources. Geofield can support the client providing assessments on environmental and landscape constraints or protected areas, national and regional mining regulations and everything else regarding the general framework of the potential investment.

Strategic advisory service

Data reviews, expertise,  due diligences to banks, private investors and other stakeholders interested in acquiring mine permits and license areas.

Mine planning

From exploration project to production operations, we provide technical designs, layouts, masterplans, resources evaluations and whatever requirements needed to obtain or maintain permitting the operating license.
Our skilled quarry manager team can also furnish expert development guidance in the early stage of the mine.